Off the Clock with Mable Moore, Jefferson Parish Public Schools

By September 1, 2011
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Original Article in New Orleans City Business:

Dr. Mable Moore, CTO and Assistant Superintendent of Jefferson Parish Public System, has been a supporter of DOT USA's TeachUp! Program and the goal of technology integration within education for some time. Dr. Moore was recently interviewed by New Orleans City Business and discusses technology, education, and technology in our 21st century world.

Mable Moore was always interested in math and science and can be considered an early pioneer in the now-popular computer technology industry.FOCUS-OTC-0363.jpg

"When I entered the field, it was new," Moore said. "We had not yet formed the computer science department at LSU, and I had to graduate from the college of chemistry and physics with engineers."

Moore then became chief information officer of learning resources at Miami Dade College in Miami before taking over as chief technology officer and assistant superintendent of technology for the Jefferson Parish Public School System in 2007.

Her love of technology also spills over into her personal life, as seen in her favorite move genre -- science fiction.

"I can watch all five 'Star Trek' movies on a Saturday," Moore said. "Just about anything futuristic."

Would you consider yourself a nerd?

I was a nerd before it was cool to be a nerd. People who would meet me would be surprised I was in technology because they'd say, "You don't seem like a nerd." I guess I was a nerd in disguise.

What are your top three smartphone apps?

I wouldn't say I have a top three, but I like anything that's free because I can test it and see if it's something I can broaden and use within work. I'm a tinkerer. I have about seven pages of iPad apps for education I'm always testing them to see how I can help teachers apply them in the classroom.

Are you a Mac or PC person?

I have three Macs, an iPad, an iPod and one Dell in case someone sends me something I need to convert. So I guess I lean toward Macs.

Could you go a day without your cell phone?

Absolutely not. I'm more of a texter and email reader, because I'm always in meetings. I feel like that's a part of my service, and I can't help myself from responding.


Christian Moises "Off the Clock with Mable Moore, Jefferson Parish Public Schools". New Orleans CityBusiness. 28 Aug, 2011.


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