MS Gulf Coast Interns Receive Valuable Training

By June 4, 2012
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Kiln, MS - Article by Justin Sellers

Mississippi Gulf Coast TeachUp! Interns received valuable knowledge Wednesday when Digital Opportunity Trust staff members hosted a training on Joomla in Hancock County.

Joomla is an open source content management system that allows users to easily build websites. According to DOT Technology Support Intern Specialist Ben Daniels, Joomla is "a new content management solution that Hancock Schools hope to use to give their online presence a face lift." He goes on to state, "It'll really bring them up to date for their websites for teachers, parents, and students." Joomla claims its "ease-of-use and extensibility" are what makes it so popular, along with the fact that it is free to anyone who wishes to use it.

The TeachUp! Interns will use the new knowledge gained during this training session to support and train staff of Hancock County School District in updating, formatting, and uploading content to their newly-renovated site. Along with the benefits to the Hancock County School System, TeachUp! Interns also gained valuable workforce skills that could prove valuable to them in future careers. "The interns were able to learn how to design the site and manage it from the top down, in essence they walked away knowing a new skill that is in demand in today's technology-driven workforce," said Daniels.

This training not only benefits the school system that the TeachUp! Interns are working to support, but also gives the Interns another skill in their toolbox to become a successful professional in the workplace. "This helps them professionally, but also lets them better serve their schools and communities," Daniel says. "It serves as one more way that they can make a difference and notable impact on their local schools and communities."


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June 4, 2012

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