DOT USA Kicks Off Annual Intern Training for 2012-13 School Year

By July 26, 2012
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DOT USA's summer intern training is in full swing now, with the third week nearing the halfway point. As more young men and women fill the ranks as TeachUp! Interns, the anticipation for the upcoming school year grows.

"We're really excited about this year's group of interns," says Deanna Stewart, Program Director of DOT USA. "They're showing so much potential already, and a real eagerness to learn as well as teach."
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Formal preparation for the interns consists of five days of intensive training in technology, lesson planning, professionalism and other various soft skills. A proficiency in all these skills are necessary for a TeachUp! Intern, but it is an ongoing learning process.

While the returning interns clearly have a firm handle on the subject matter and insights into the day-to-day issues that arise while working in a school, the first year interns are eager to get started.

Most of the interns are new to the program, but there are many returning for a second term like Brian Mullinix of Holly Springs, Miss. "I liked being able to use a little creativity and the tools we learned doing our internship," says Mullinix. "I like the challenge of it all, being outside my comfort zone."

"For these first year interns I would say be subject to change. Take initiative. Stay motivated and always seek to gain new knowledge," says Tajoan Johnson, a second year intern from Leland, Miss. "Technology changes each and every day, so to be effective you need to stay abreast on the latest and greatest. You need to influence and motivate by all means."

One of the most important skills a TeachUp! Intern can have in their toolbox is the ability to communicate and operate outside of their comfort zone. "I was an introverted person," says Mullinix. "But I had to learn to not be afraid to get to know the teachers, take some creative license and just go out on a limb sometimes."

Once training is completed, interns will be placed in various schools and community sites across Mississippi and Louisiana to empower students, teachers and residents with 21st century skills that will enhance their professional and personal lives.

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Let's go TeachUp! Interns 2012-2013! Let's make a great impact on our schools and communities!

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Dorothy Spencer
July 26, 2012

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