DOT USA Intern Hired by New Orleans School

By July 16, 2012
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"DOT really was what let me put my foot in the door and give me the edge I needed." - Ryan Blyth

Ryan Blyth has been a resident of New Orleans for three years and a DOT USA Technical Intern about half that time. The quietly competent former Coloradan has taken advantage of every opportunity DOT has provided him, and then some.

Blyth secured a job with Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans for the upcoming 2012-13 school year as a staff member of the Information Technology Department. He attributes earning the new position to the work ethic, skills, and opportunity he received from his internship with DOT USA. "DOT totally set me up to be able to work in the position," Blyth said. "I learned all the skills necessary to run the server, the network, fix computers. I can see the school really appreciated that, and they decided to hire me... I'm really happy to be there."

In addition to his new opportunities at Warren Easton, Blyth is currently finishing his degree in Computer Information Technology at Delgado Community College. "I'm getting real, hands on education while working at Warren Easton and pursuing my degree," Blyth said. "It really opens up opportunities." Blyth is using the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, which DOT USA TeachUp! AmeriCorps members are eligible to receive after successfully completing a term of service, to complete his degree. 

Blyth says his time with DOT USA was one of the most rewarding of his life. "I can safely say I have learned and developed the most in my life during that time," he said. While serving his second term as an intern, Blyth worked to learn all he could about networking and server coding, a skill he employed to create a database of Warren Easton's electronic devices. "Creating this database and learning the programming behind it has helped me obtain a permanent position... I feel that I have made a huge impact on the school, staff, and students."

Blyth is moving on to a career in the field he has wanted to work in thanks to his hard work, knowledge, and a little help from DOT USA. He truly believes in the TeachUp! Program and the effect it has in schools and in the community.

"If I had to tell someone one thing about DOT USA's TeachUp! Program, it would be that it allows a school to operate more efficiently and effectively without overhauling the entire system," Blyth said. "This internship has been very important in my growth both personally and professionally."

Article and video by Justin Sellers


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July 16, 2012

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